flying high

April 20th, 2010 + 4:04 AM  ·  CellestialOrigins

Hi guys,

I don't know which genre this music fits in, kind off did something, its an instrumental version, i have yet to record the vocals, the lead portions will be replaced with vocals, i hope you get it

tell me what you think of the song: the composition, arrangement and orchestration

i need suggestions to improve the song

Indulgence incomplete

April 15th, 2008 + 1:04 AM  ·  CellestialOrigins

melodic trance, incomplete

Incomplete song what do you say

April 14th, 2008 + 1:04 AM  ·  CellestialOrigins



i started producing trance music this year, i made a song with flstudio nothing great its just basic and i used the default instruments in flstudio, no other external vstis,

now my problem is i am not able to come up with a decent start for this song, and my transitions suck too, it would be gr8 if anyone could listen to my song and find out the flaws in it, as you experienced musicians can instantly recognize it the first time you listen to it,

here are the following points in which i need advice:

1) whats the best way to begin a song
2) where can i get good transitional effect sounds
3) and i would like to make my sounds distinct and clear,so any rules you ppl follow while mixing

i have included the mp3 and the flstudio looped zipped file, so you guys can just see what i have done,
in case if you want to post your version of my song, you are free to modify the flp project to your liking,

mp3 6.33MB 192kbps

flstudio looped zip file 1.2MB

thanks in advance, your help will be appreciated and credited too, while i post the complete song
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